V.U.G.S. was founded on October 13th, 1922, being the oldest study association of geography of the world.
The abbreviation V.U.G.S. stands for the Dutch translation of ‘Association of Utrecht Geography Students’. V.U.G.S. is not only the oldest, it is the biggest study association of geography in the world by number of members, giving the association an outstanding position in the student community of Utrecht. Click here for more historical facts about V.U.G.S.!

What can V.U.G.S. do for you?
V.U.G.S. is fully managed by students and organises a wide variety of activities, which could be interesting to both bachelor students and masters students. V.U.G.S. organises not only leisure activities, the association organises activities concerning our study as well. Would you like to learn a little more about geography, besides the lectures? Then you’re at the right place. Throughout the year, we organise many lectures, symposiums and excursions. For the more career minded students, we organise workshops, career days and company visits. Would you like some more distraction from all the studying? Then you might enjoy our drinks, sports & games, parties and pub-crawls! In other words: we are there to make sure that you won’t get bored during your student days in Utrecht. Click here for our coming activities!

Would you like to organise some of these activities by yourself?
Then you should join one of our many committees. Not only it brings much satisfaction to organise a well visited activity, committees are much fun as well and you’ll get to know many other students. Besides that, doing a committee is very educational. You can subscribe to one of our committees in the months September and January. Check our website or Facebook regularly for the exact subscribe-dates. If you can’t find the time to join a committee, you can still give us your opinion about the goings of the association. Visit our general member meetings, your input is always appreciated.