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Book Sale

All Bachelor and Master students who follow courses from Human Geography & Planning can order all required literature throughout the year via our website. To order your books for a reduced price, order your books via this webshop.

The books for the second block of the academic year (2017-2018) can now be ordered via the webshop.

Please be aware of the fact that you have to be a member of V.U.G.S. to get your books for a reduced price. While paying for your order, you can become a V.U.G.S. member right away if you have not yet become one. You will then immediately become eligible for discounts on your books. It also enables you to join all the activities! Make sure to fill in the form on our website or to click here. in which you authorize the V.U.G.S. to withdraw €15,00 off your account per year. The form, unfortunately, is only available in Dutch, but if you have trouble completing the form, please send an email to and we will help you out.